Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice tells you what to expect in relation to personal information about you which is collected, handled and processed by Shaunsoft Limited. Shaunsoft, PO Box 225, Penrith, Cumbria , CA11 1BQ. Shaunsoft Limited is the Data Controller. We acknowledge and agree that any personal data of yours that we handle will be processed in accordance with all applicable data protection laws in force from time to time. The information we may collect The information about you we may collect, hold and process is set out below:

Information Collected

(A) Information collected and processed for managing our relationship with your organisation. Your Organisations Name Your Organisations Address Your Organisations Email Address(es) Your Organisations telephone number(s) Your Staff Names, Email Addresses and Telephone Numbers as contacts to enable us to provide support and assistance. Accounting Information, contact details, invoices and accounting history. Connection information including, IP Addresses, Computer Id's, CTX Database connection information and relevant information to enable us to provide our service and support. General notes about how your project operates, support call history, email history. Copies of your report definitions and document templates ctxLive usage history, user details, including email address, ctxLive ID, contact telephone numbers.

(B) Information in respect our staff DOB National insurance number Application Forms and Staff Contracts Disclosure & Barring Service References Name and Address References Financial information (including but not limited to payroll details and terms, HMRC data, pension scheme details, court orders and statutory payments) A log of our communications with you by email and telephone This information will have been provided, or will be provided, by you or a third party who we work with, such as HMRC or our Accountants. In the case of references, these will be from your previous employer. The outcome of criminal record checks and security clearance checks, where relevant, will be supplied by the Disclosure and Barring Service or other external company applicable.

How we use the information

The above information is used to provide our services to you in our capacity as your software supplier or as your Employer. The information under A above may be used as follows: To enable us to provide you with support whilst using our software. To help us manage your software and data. To enable us to monitor our performance. To keep you informed of the services offered by us. The information under B above may be used as follows: To manage our Pay Roll To manage our contractual and legal obligations To undertake relevant security and criminal record checks as required by our clients as permitted by law. How we hold the information All the personal data we have is stored on our database(s) within the UK or European Union, Where appropriate. All access to your CTX data is restricted to approved shaunsoft staff, using secure accounts with at least 2 factor authentication You can view the Microsoft Entra ID documentation here. We follow all the recommended security practices, protocols, and guidelines in storing your data. Specifically with regard to your databases you, you can read the guidelines we follow here. We never keep local copies of your data, occasionally when you provide us data, either to import or upload it is permanently deleted as soon as it is processed.

Disclosure of your information

Our customers We do not disclose any of your data to any 3rd parties except where we are required to do so legally, such as your invoicing history to our accountants, auditors and HMRC. We never share or provide access to your CTX databases to anyone, except where you have given explicit permission, such as to your staff using CTX and ctxLive, services that require secure access such as the CTX API, ctxAlerts and relevant 3rd party services chosen by you, such as your email provider, accounts systems. Where ever this takes place the information used will be restricted to just the information required and explicitly identified by you. ctxLive\shaunsoft Usernames and Passwords Your ctxLive\shaunsoft accounts are hosted using Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Microsoft Azure Active Directory (B2C)). We do not store this information or have access to passwords. You can find more about the service at Microsoft Entra ID. We strongly recommend that you use at least 2 Factor Authentication with ctxLive accounts.

What is the legal basis for processing the information?

We will rely on your consent to process the information. For the purposes of accounting, where relevant, we are legally obliged to provide information to HMRC.

Your rights

You currently have the right at any time to ask for a copy of any information about you that we hold. You can freely access all the information we store on you and your project by logging into the ctxLive website as a project administrator or as an Administrator in the CTX application. If you would like to make a request for information please email or telephone us on 01768 779988.

Retention of your data

Your data will be retained for no longer than is necessary and once your relationship with shaunsoft ends all your data will be permanently deleted as soon as practical, in not less than 30 days. However, will have to retain your financial and accounting history for legal reasons.

Withdrawal of consent

If you have provided us with your consent to process your data, for the purpose of using our services and the use of our software, you have the right to withdraw this at any time. To do so you should contact us by emailing


If you have a concern about the way we are collecting or using your personal data, you should raise your concern with us in the first instance or directly to the Information Commissioners Office Website


Please address any questions, comments and requests regarding our data processing practices to Shaun Ellis, Director,, (+44) 1768 779988.

Changes to the Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice may be changed by us at any time and will make reasonable efforts to inform you of any changes to this policy.

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