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April at Shaunsoft!

Well yet another month has gone by at Shaunsoft and what a busy one it has been! It was a great experience joining lots of you at the LSCT conference and I feel it was of great benefit to me assisting in my ever increasing knowledge of the world of Community Transport.

The latest update of CTX was released at the end of March and includes some brilliant new features. The new mapping tool has a modernized new look, runs faster and is simpler to use.

CTX routing has now been completely removed and has been replaced by CTX Live routing. The old routing and CTX account can now be safely removed from your computers.

The drivers own view in the new schedule now supports independent drivers and vehicles which means that drivers are no longer restricted to driving their own vehicles. This new view would probably be better renamed to 'Car Scheme' view.

There has also been lots of bug fixes and many minor updates.

The phones have been ringing non stop over the past few weeks which has been keeping us all extremely busy - a lot of these calls have been support for the new CTX invoicing and lots of reporting issues have been resolved. It is also that time of year when we are receiving an increase in calls about BSOG.

I have had the pleasure of visiting some projects and it is so interesting to see how you all work and the passion that is obviously a driving force in Community Transport. I am looking forward to continuing to visit your projects and working with you the find out how we can make CTX easier and more efficient for users.



Published:4/12/2019   By:Clare

March and How Time Flies!!!!

It has been an informative couple of weeks at Shaunsoft and I have been busy familiarising myself with you all and getting to know your projects. Many thanks to those who have taken the time to talk me through how you use CTX within your projects. It has also been interesting working with new projects using CTX and introducing them to the program.

As many of you are aware, ctxAccount has now been, as Shaun opaquely describes as "depreciated", meaning it doesn't work with the new CTX live sign in. It has been replaced by ctxInvoicing, which simplifies the whole invoicing process and also will soon support more types of accounting software. Please contact us before you prepare to generate your next invoices and we'll talk you through installing and getting up and running with the new application, it's not a complicated process.

I have also started delving into the murky depths of Shaun's world/office (terrifying!) especially his outstanding to-do list!!! A key topic that I am particularly excited to have been introduced to is 'Social Value' reporting with CTX. I will be looking into this in more depth over the coming weeks with the aim of taking this project forward and make the implementation much easier to manage and understand.

As some of you may have experienced, the mapping tool in CTX is no longer working correctly. OpenStreetMap have been tidying up/making modifications and no longer support older software components such as the one currently used by CTX. Therefore the future planned update to mapping in CTX having to happen much sooner than originally planned and will be included in the next update.

As part of this update a significant number of changes have been made providing real time support for the ctxGo mobile apps, - watch this space! The update will hopefully be released towards the end of next week, I'll post more details of the release when its available.

I am really looking forward to meeting lots of you at the LSCT Conference in Bognor Regis later this month.



Published:3/8/2019   By:Clare

February and No Posts !!!!

After joining the guys here at Shaunsoft in January I feel I should officially introduce myself in what I am hoping will become a regular post on the shaunsoft Blog.

It has been great speaking to many of you over the past couple of weeks whilst we have been going through the process of moving CTX to the new ctxLive sign in process - as you can imagine it has been an interesting time both transitioning around 300 users to using their CTX Live accounts and converting around 4000 reports to the new V3 format. It has certainly given me a good insight into how your projects work and I'm really looking forward to working with you all in the future.

My role is not really on the technical side of things, but to offer support and assistance in managing the way you use CTX. Whilst in discussion with you it will be helpful for me to find out what is important to you and your project when using the application and what could be done to make things easier and more effective.

As I am getting to know Shaun and Alan it is becoming apparent (clearly!) that I may be of good use in acting as an interpreter between them with the more technical aspects of CTX and you as normal people working with the program, although I feel I may need to improve on my geeky terminology some what!

Over the coming weeks I will be prioritising getting to know you and your projects better. I will also be keeping you informed of any updates and new developments to CTX.



Published:2/15/2019   By:Shaun

ctXmas 2018

We are going into holiday mode this afternoon, Thursday 20th Dec until Monday 7th of January 2019. This basically means during the holiday period we will only respond to urgent support issues. Reports and so on will have to wait until we return to normal in 2019.

If you have an issue you need urgent help with ring the usual number and leave a message, we will be notified straightaway and will get back to you as soon as possible. It might take short time as depending on the issue we might need to get to a computer to resolve it.

We will of course be keeping an eye on our emails, so send away, again if it appears urgent we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Enjoy the holidays and we look forward to working with you all in 2019.

Shaun & Alan

Published:12/20/2018   By:Shaun


Finally today we began 'alpha testing' ctxGoDrive, a mobile app for CT Drivers to manage their CTX work, basically removing the need for 'worksheets'. The app will be available for Android and iOS (phones and tablets) and will soon be available from the appropriate app stores. If your interested in finding out more don't hesitate to get in touch.

Published:8/29/2018   By:Shaun
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Community Transport Projects

CTX provides the tools to help you manage all aspects of your community transport project. It doesn’t matter what type of services you operate, CTX has the tools to make day to day management straightforward, including: Group Travel, Contracting, Dial-A-Ride, Dial-A-Bus, Community and Voluntary Car.

Manage your members, groups and individuals including their access information, equal opportunities, multiple types of membership, travel passes, concessionary fares, emergency contacts, booking history, as well producing comprehensive user focused reporting, for print and screen. CTX makes it easy to organise your vehicles and staff, managing all types of training including; BSOG, Vehicle Checks, Maintenance, MiDAS and PATS. Easy to use vehicle diaries, schedules and pick up lists. Comprehensive post trip data, invoicing, integration with Sage Line 50 and other accounting solutions.

ctxLive, provides access for your drivers and passenger assistants to their schedules with real time updates, map access, mileage and cash collected using popular smart phones and tablets. Office staff can also access vehicle diaries and other management tools. More and more features are being added to ctxLive every day.

There isn’t space to cover all the features of CTX here, please contact us to arrange a demonstration, either at your offices or via the internet.

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Community Car Schemes

CTX is used by many community and voluntary car schemes, from very small schemes run purely by volunteers to large city wide projects. CTX has all the tools you need to assist you in the management of all aspects your project; your drivers and their vehicles, keeping track of their availability, expenses, reminding them of licence and vehicle documentation checks. Manage your services users, their access information, fares, membership, contacts and much more.

Schedule your passengers using the easy to use day planner, ask CTX to suggest available drivers. Print or email your drivers schedules or they can use ctxLive to access them in real time.

contact us to arrange a demonstration, either at your offices or via the internet.

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Local Authorities

CTX is used by local authorities in many scenarios, from integrated transport units, managing everything that moves for the authority, or simply to manage the councils SEN\ASN transport. The key to CTX success:

  • It is a cost-effective management system which covers every aspect of transport from procurement to day to day operation.
  • The application can be configured to meet the needs of different roles.
  • Whether the transport is provided in house, by external operators, or a mixture of both, CTX manages the whole ‘transport workflow’.
  • It makes the task manageable by reducing duplication, providing consistent>
  • All transport-related information can be kept in one place and can be accessed quickly.
  • CTX can utilise local authority land and property gazetteers and other council systems.
  • The CTX flexible licensing agreement means we do not restrict the number of users or workstations which have access to the software.

contact us to arrange a demonstration, either at your offices or via the internet.

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