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End of Summer Update

The latest update to ctxInvoicing has just been released, please contact shaunsoft to download. CtxInvoicing now supports Sage 2020 and is more resilient to the inevitable issues with network connectivity and data problems.

In the next few weeks the test version of the new ctxGoDrive for Android will be available and we are looking for volunteers to trial this, please contact us if you would like to be amongst the first to give it a go!

We have been receiving some really positive feedback on the ease of use and efficiency of the new schedule. The next update will include some minor tweaks that have been requested - it has been incredibly helpful working with you to make sure it meets your needs. Just a reminder that the next update to CTX will be the last with the old schedule still in operation. Please get in contact if you would like any assistance in the use of this - we also have some documentation available that may be of help to you.



Published:9/23/2019   By:Clare

Subscription Price Increase

We are sorry to announce that we have had no choice but to increase our prices from the 1st of September 2019. As I am sure most of you will be aware, most of our expenses, data hosting, software licencing and so on are paid either in US Dollars or Euros and we have been hit hard with the significant changes in exchange rates. We have tried our best over the last couple of years to ride out the situation, but after trying our best to find savings and ‘optimisations’ it has become clear that we are as ‘lean’ as we can possibly be to enable a satisfactory level of service and continued development. We will contact each project over the coming weeks and discuss their specific rates, monthly or annual amounts etc. However everyone can expect an increase of around 10 percent (on the advice of our auditors). This is the first time in a number of years we have had to increase our charges, we hope that our customers understand our situation. We also understand that we are probably not alone in doing this and that projects are being squeezed from many directions.

Published:9/9/2019   By:Shaun

Still Summer!

I'm sure you are all now aware, particularly as I seem to pester you at regular intervals about getting your machine upgraded, that 'The death of Windows 7' is just around the corner see Windows 7 End of Life. For those of you that may have escaped my harassments then just a reminder that as from January 2020 Microsoft are ending their support for Windows 7. This means that there will be no further security updates for the operating system which unfortunately could leave your projects vulnerable and much more susceptible to cyber attacks. I know the majority of projects are now using Windows 10 machines and are benefiting from automatically receiving updates to CTX. This then leads me on to a few issues we have had with projects being unable to access CTX due to their anti-virus software blocking the application. Many of the anti-virus programs available come with an unnecessary amount of extras such as pushing lots of unsafe junkware and even the ability to track your browsing habits so they can make money. The way they hook themselves into your browser and operating system often causes more problems and can open you up to other kinds of attacks. Windows 10 has an anti-virus program already built in - Windows Defender. By default this automatically enables real-time protection, cloud based protection and sample submission. This level of protection should be more than adequate for your machines and will eliminate the issues some of you have recently had in being prevented access to CTX and of course save you money! I know this has been a big inconvenience for some of you! As you all know well we are in the process of removing the old legacy reports from CTX and these are now available as quick reports or as ctxWrite reports. We have made excellent progress and have now converted hundreds of reports into the new formats. Many thanks to all of you who have taken the time to discuss these reports with me and at times explain their purpose, giving me a clearer understanding of how and why they are used. It would be interesting to hear what reports are most useful to you! Yet another update to CTX was released this week! In this update there has been more work on ctXpress and it looks brilliant! In this version the default behaviour is when a new journey is added ctXpress will recalculate the route and adjust the pick up\drop off times of the other journeys in that 'section'. Do you think this behaviour is correct or not? I'm interested in your opinions on how you think it should behave! Also as part of the update, schedule has had a couple of tweaks, you now have a time based 'scroll bar thingy' that will align the 'hourly markers' where possible making it easier to scan across the runs and see the gaps, it has some limitations, e.g. It can't scroll a run if there isn't any markers at that time or there aren't enough tiles to scroll ! Not only this but we have added the option to drag and drop multiple journeys from run to run, just hold your control key down and click on the 'tiles' you want to move and then just drag and drop them in the correct place and they will all move. Please continue to forward you thoughts, requests and ideas to me at Cheers Clare

Published:8/9/2019   By:Clare

Summer Fun at Shaunsoft!

Summer has arrived and the months are flying by at Shaunsoft. There has been lots going on particularly with the release of the latest update. This release includes some excellent new features, several of which are due to you continuing to provide us with really valuable feedback on what you would like to see within the application.

A new feature has been added to mapping with 'selection mode' now available. This option allows your people and places to be viewed on the map. This is particularly useful when planning routes and allows points to be added making this an excellent tool in visualising your routes. If you would like a demonstration on how this new feature works then please do not hesitate to give us a call. The issue that some of your were experiencing with zooming into the background in mapping has now been resolved.

ctXpress - for plus bus type service with limited destinations, has been redesigned from scratch which is now based on mapping and automatic routing – this is only a preview in this release but will be constantly updated over the coming releases, we would love your feed back on this.

In addition to being able to add regular events to staff diaries, there is now the option to add drivers 'unavailability'. This feature allows you to block out when a driver is not usually available. This currently only works in Drivers Own view in Schedule. A nice little change is in the Drivers Workspace, any drivers who have their own vehicles are now displayed in italics, making it easier to spot them.

We have also added the option to abandon a request before you save it. So if you're in the process of creating a request but realise you cannot fulfil it, you can select abandon on the ribbon and an event will then be added to the events section in the users record, allowing you to report on these.

There have been some really useful features added to the New Schedule too. There is now the ability to hide the unallocated column when there are no items and also hide the vehicle/run-driver list. These options allow you to view more scheduled items across the screen. When in schedule mode there is now the option of being able to show hourly markers to help in visualising the day. Scrolling through these time markers, enabling you to see spaces in your diary is currently being developed and will be released in the next update.

We are continuing to receive some really positive and useful feedback from the introduction of the New Schedule and are eagerly looking for your thoughts and suggestions and any other features you would like to see included. We will continue to work with projects to make sure you are comfortable using it before the old one is removed.

Many thanks


Published:8/9/2019   By:Clare

May and Moving Forward

We've had another busy month at Shaunsoft - particularly with the latest update almost at release stage.

Shaun has been working tirelessly to include some major (but brilliant!) changes to CTX Express Scheduling so if you are using this currently please get in touch - I know there will be many of you who will be interested and benefit from these.

The update will also reveal a countdown to the removal of the old schedule and the old day planner. I'm aware that the majority of projects are now working in the new Schedule and it has been great to receive some really positive feedback on the ease of use with this. Equally we have also received some excellent suggestions that have resulted in changes being included in this update. I am currently developing a help topic that will introduce the New Schedule to those projects who are yet to make the transition. This will be available online soon.

This update will also include the number one in our feature request list for community car projects - the ability to add regular events to staff diaries.

There have also been some updates to CTX invoicing and several minor bug fixes.

It continues to be of great benefit to me speaking to you and helping you get the most out of CTX on a day-to-day basis and assisting in troubleshooting issues as they arise. As things are moving forward it is also really helpful for me to receive any requests or ideas for improvements in making the application more efficient for you. Please forward these to me at



Published:5/24/2019   By:Clare
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Community Transport Projects

CTX provides the tools to help you manage all aspects of your community transport project. It doesn’t matter what type of services you operate, CTX has the tools to make day to day management straightforward, including: Group Travel, Contracting, Dial-A-Ride, Dial-A-Bus, Community and Voluntary Car.

Manage your members, groups and individuals including their access information, equal opportunities, multiple types of membership, travel passes, concessionary fares, emergency contacts, booking history, as well producing comprehensive user focused reporting, for print and screen. CTX makes it easy to organise your vehicles and staff, managing all types of training including; BSOG, Vehicle Checks, Maintenance, MiDAS and PATS. Easy to use vehicle diaries, schedules and pick up lists. Comprehensive post trip data, invoicing, integration with Sage Line 50 and other accounting solutions.

ctxLive, provides access for your drivers and passenger assistants to their schedules with real time updates, map access, mileage and cash collected using popular smart phones and tablets. Office staff can also access vehicle diaries and other management tools. More and more features are being added to ctxLive every day.

There isn’t space to cover all the features of CTX here, please contact us to arrange a demonstration, either at your offices or via the internet.

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Community Car Schemes

CTX is used by many community and voluntary car schemes, from very small schemes run purely by volunteers to large city wide projects. CTX has all the tools you need to assist you in the management of all aspects your project; your drivers and their vehicles, keeping track of their availability, expenses, reminding them of licence and vehicle documentation checks. Manage your services users, their access information, fares, membership, contacts and much more.

Schedule your passengers using the easy to use day planner, ask CTX to suggest available drivers. Print or email your drivers schedules or they can use ctxLive to access them in real time.

contact us to arrange a demonstration, either at your offices or via the internet.

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Local Authorities

CTX is used by local authorities in many scenarios, from integrated transport units, managing everything that moves for the authority, or simply to manage the councils SEN\ASN transport. The key to CTX success:

  • It is a cost-effective management system which covers every aspect of transport from procurement to day to day operation.
  • The application can be configured to meet the needs of different roles.
  • Whether the transport is provided in house, by external operators, or a mixture of both, CTX manages the whole ‘transport workflow’.
  • It makes the task manageable by reducing duplication, providing consistent>
  • All transport-related information can be kept in one place and can be accessed quickly.
  • CTX can utilise local authority land and property gazetteers and other council systems.
  • The CTX flexible licensing agreement means we do not restrict the number of users or workstations which have access to the software.

contact us to arrange a demonstration, either at your offices or via the internet.

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